Leg Stretches To Prevent Injury: Don’t Pull A Quad Or Hamstring!

Leg stretches will help you prevent many common injuries. There’s nothing more painful than a pulled hamstring, quad, or calve muscles. In many cases, you will find support after injury through plus size knee braces, however it’s best to prevent injury before it happens.

Since you are going to be working your legs hard, we want to make sure that they are good and ready to take the abuse. Jump rope, run in place, and do some jumping jacks for a few minutes. Make sure your legs are nice and warmed up before you even start your leg stretches.

Hold each of these stretches for 15-20 seconds:

  1. Hamstring Stretch:With one leg in front of the other, bend your body over your front leg and reach down trying to touch your toe. Switch legs. Repeat 4 times each leg.Another variation on this stretch is to sit on the floor extending one foot straight out. Bend the other leg so the sole of your foot touches the inside of your other leg. If you look down at your legs, they should look like an upside down number 4. Reach forward grabbing your knee, ankle, or ball of your foot depending on your flexibility. Switch legs.
  2. Quad Stretch:Using a chair for balance, bend your right leg at the knee and pull your ankle up and into your back with your right hand. Switch legs. Repeat 4 times each leg.
  3. Calf Stretch:Get on the floor in push-up position with legs together. Bend the right leg and straighten the left. Switch legs. Repeat 4 times each leg.
  4. Kicks:Loosely kick and shake your legs.

We’ve performed our stretches. Now it’s time to get a good workout. Check out our leg exercises for a great workout. Some of these exercises are extreme leg exercises that are guaranteed to leave your legs burning. They are a sure fired way to get the tone and sexy legs you have always wanted : )